green living and a carbon neutral holiday

Despite its huge size and apparent robustness it has become clear that we live on a fragile planet and that how we manage our daily lives has far-reaching effects on this beautiful and extraordinary place.

At Lombard Farm we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and whilst staying with us we will minimise your CO2 emissions.

Here are some of the things that we are doing right now and our plans for the future:

We have just installed a 3.8 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) system and any remaining electricity from the grid comes from a green tariff. We use low energy light bulbs wherever possible, and have a small PV panel for the lighting in the yurt. Our house uses only solar thermal and woodburners for all heat and the Link showers are heated by solar thermal when the sun shines! All our cleaning and washing products are eco-friendly and there are recycling facilities for most waste.

An annual tree-planting program offsets CO2 that is produced by the use of existing oil-fired equipment and we have already planted over 1,500 trees.

We plan to only use renewable fuels. This will include biomass boilers or heat-pumps for underfloor heating in both houses, solar thermal water heating for domestic hot water and we will create all our own electricity with wind turbines, pv and Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) running on locally grown biodiesel or coppiced wood, when there is no wind.

Local journeys will be by electric car and longer journeys by diesel vehicles running on biodiesel. All water now comes from our 40m bore hole.

We are moving towards being a carbon neutral holiday destination and to support you if you have similar aims, we offer a discount if you travel to us by public transport, bike, or electric car!